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Full Version: Weekend Plans?
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Got any plans for the weekend?  Smile
Watch porn play video games
De-clutter, spring cleaning and all. My friend and I were gonna go watch the AoT movie but she ended up needing to do some family stuff :<
I went to Melbourne.
Nice, what for?
My mom was going to a friends 60th birthday thing. So me and my dad hung out a bit, we went to the queen vic market and the melbourne star. market still has the same stuff as always and the wheel was pretty cool.

No streetpass hits. 3ds is dead.
Should have gone to EB Swanson, a Smash tourney was happening, not to mention all the 3DS units at the Nintendo Experience there

Anyway, my cousin ended up coming over to visit so that was cool.
Someone's having a birthday party tonight, time to eat cake
Did literally nothing yay

Long weekend next week what do
They opened up a McDonalds right next to where we live, it was interesting seeing the British McDonalds with how fancy they are compared to the ones in the States.
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