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Full Version: Any Math Rock fans?
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Math Rock is a genre which gets its name from the technical side of music and sadly isn't a genre where bands sing about math problems.

The rhythm in most popular or standard music works in groups of 2 or 3, like the standard 4/4 (aka common time) works in duplets, and music working in triplets (also called waltz times) will be in 3/4 or 6/8 time. Math Rock derives its name from the fact that bands will create rhythms in asymmetrical time signatures (meaning they're not written in duplets or triplets) like 7/8 or 5/4. If duplets and triplets are used, they will constantly change meters in groups of 2 or 3, so a riff can start off in start off in 4/4, but the rest of the riff will be in a 6/4 measure. Those are just mere examples, but how it looks on paper is where they get the name of the genre from, as it sounds mathematical in nature.

Other aspects will be melodies that are jagged (not "clean" or "smooth" flowing compared to normal melodies), or will use counterpoint meaning the music will be in the same key, but are rhythmically independent from each other. Like most genres, bands will use all or some of these elements.

Anywho, some examples to discuss:

I should probably get to listening to more Math Rock. I like what I'm hearing here.
Out of that group, This Town Needs Guns has more material, the other guys have one album.

Another artist I'm fond of is Tim Kinsella. He's in a few bands and outside Cap'n Jazz, they're in the math rock realm. Joan of Arc is the band with the most material. His voice is a hit or miss with people.

It's nothing something that I would probably listen to but my Computing teacher back when I was in college actually listened to match rock. I remember everyone thinking it was some sort of music related to maths lol
A lot of genres don't do a good job explaining what the sound is just from the name. Some have silly names that just stuck, like how Shoegaze earned its name because the guitarists were always looking down at their massive pedal boards when performing.