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Full Version: Buying or Streaming
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Do you guys tend to buy your music or stream it? I know that a lot of people are not buying music nowadays compared to before because of how easy it is to actually stream music especially on the go.
Music was the first hobby I got serious in, so I've always been a buyer. Been collecting for 12 years, which is why I have a couple hundred physical albums.

I don't see anything wrong with streaming now, as there's plenty of legal options that offer most of the same benefits of pirating MP3's with the same amount of ease.
I use Spotify almost exclusively so yeah, stream.
(12-13-2017, 09:26 PM)Queenie Wrote: [ -> ]I use Spotify almost exclusively so yeah, stream.

Yeah, I stream most of the time as well. I'm pretty happy with Spotify Free, to be honest. Do you pay for premium or use the free version as well?
It annoyed me just enough to get me to pay