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Full Version: Favorite Handhelds
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I friggen love handhelds. Maybe it's because I live a transient lifestyle, but I really enjoy having handheld consoles. It helps when there's amazing games on them.

Some of my personal favorites are the Gameboy Color, PSP (because of emulation), and the DS. The 3DS is slowly creeping up, but I think the original DS has a better library.
Gameboy Pocket, GBA, and so on.
The switch is taking a while to get used to in portable mode.

Never really had much experience with sony/sega handhelds.
The PSP and Vita are very well built and they're really popular with JRPG's. Though 3D gaming is kind of a mixed bag on the PSP, because some games really need a second analog stick. Some fix it with using the shoulder buttons to move the camera, but some think it's a great idea using the D-Pad to move the camera.

I don't find the Sega handhelds to be too comfortable, and the battery life isn''t that great, especially when they're using batteries.
I'd probably give it to the 3DS, just because of its library. Vita would be had it not require a shit expensive memory card. (Also where the hell are my Crash Bandicoot games?!) ((Or any games for that matter loool))
I never exactly understood why some of the PS1 Classics don't work on the Vita
I've only ever had a Gameboy Advance and a Nintendo DS. Didn't really like either that much to be honest, always wanted a PSP but never got one Sad
PSP's are dirt cheap right now
(12-02-2017, 10:31 PM)Grungie Wrote: [ -> ]PSP's are dirt cheap right now

Yeah, I think I can find one for around £20 with a few games and in pretty good shape too. Might get one just to enjoy playing GTA on it.
Tbh I don't even remember how much CEX charges for one.
I absolutely loved my gameboy advanced. I played that all day long as a kid xD
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