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Full Version: Your Queen Has Arrived
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Hey everyone, it's your pal Queenie (aka Fanta / fantanoice). I'm excited see the place flourish under Grungie's leadership, best of luck dude!

I hope to have a Cracking time here!
That brick thing kind of looks like a crown. Clever.
I thought it looked like a castle :b
Nah, you must be seeing things.
I see a brick crown.
[Image: V5HK5vA.png]
see, a crown.
You two need to make more Minecraft castles :v

^ lol
Just when the Steam thread was about to hit 1000, clever escape.
Welcome to the new forum.

Lets get it Cracking! Big Grin
So if I renew the server.. would it be CrackIGN? For all your Luig?
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