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Full Version: New Banner Thoughts
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The guy who made our current banner decided to revise it and make a new one, so I'm curious to your opinions on it before I start using it:

[Image: uBKUpnn.png]
I like it but it would look weird on top of the Pokémon thing that's now there.
The Pokemon is really there for shits and giggles atm. I was trying out the ftp server that Spork set up since I last installed a theme.
Should get one that shows one of those western ghost towns. Fit the forum.

I had no idea what Pokemon thing you guys were talking about until I changed my theme

I had no idea this forum had other themes.
Which one have you been using? I forgot to delete the default theme
It's called Responsive. I was like "What Pokemon are you guys talking about?" When it occured to me.

Here's a screenshot:

[Image: upOhelw.png]
Yeah, I think I was trying to get that to work out, but then got distracted with work and totes forgot about that theme.
Just setting the pokemon header background to black or a dark grey would do wonders IMHO
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