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I feel like I've seen this guy before, or at least have heard his voice. Maybe he guest-starred on another video I watched at one point or another. Nonetheless he seems like a cool dude and I think I might actually watch a few of these videos this afternoon in case I want to sub to him.

While I do have a fair share of game channels I watch similar to this guys' style (not content), I don't really subscribe to them because I only watch them once in a blue moon. One channel that is not like one of these and doesn't upload much anymore, but covers retro content is Chrotendo, which I believe originally started as someone covering every single NES game chronologically and going into detail about them.

Also, lately, I've been looking for some nice small Pokemon Youtubers to begin following. I used to frequently watch JWittz, since he was different, covered the TCG a lot more and really stood out, but ever since his popularity spike that happened about 2 or so years ago, I really haven't felt interest in what he uploads. I'll pop in and watch the occasional video, but the vast majority do not grab my eye at all.
There's a guy called Pat Contri who's Youtube handle is Pat the NES Punk. He apparently owns every NES game (including both NWC carts), and is a HUGE game collector. Personally I don't care much about his Pat the NES Punk show, but I do really like his podcast called the Completely Unnecessary Podcast aka the CuPodcast. It's co-hosted by his buddy Ian, who runs a retro game store, and they talk a lot about the retro collecting scene, and also talks about gaming news, movie news (mostly "nerd" stuffy), topics about Youtube, and pro wrestling. It's pretty fascinating hearing about how dirty the retro game collecting scene is, and hearing all the crazy stuff that happens in Ian's store. Apparently a lot of people in the comments section really hate Ian because he's outspoken, and doesn't say what people want to hear.

I was an very active YouTube content some years ago and since google chnage the way things run it has put an stick in my butt and allot of people are affected and only the big channels can live. I mostly now use it for watching allot of videos rather then uploading videos
If you're interested in all things science then Kurzgesagt is a fantastic channel for you. They present every topic in a really approachable way, plus the art/animation is super cute and fun.
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