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Full Version: Happy Birthday to the Queen
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Happy birthday to queen Fanta. Hope you have a nice birthday.
happy birthday fanta

i think it's still today, late happy birthday if it isn't

edit; actually i have a clock on this thing, not-late happy birthday
Probably late but:

Happy birthday to the queen herself, Rach.
Here's my gift, a cutesy pic:
[Image: 20efacc40f32d79cce8bb0ddde8e72bf.jpg]
Happy belated Fants pants.
Thanks everyone! The Queen is onto her second quarter-century and things are exciting but scary. Like, am I going to have to get a mortgage soon? Married? Who knows :o

God save the Queen. I have to hear this song every friggen day.
That's so stereotypically British XD
Another year and another birthday. Happy birthday to Fanta.

Get anything good?
Ty ty
My gift to myself was a Nintendo Switch with Zelda, Bomberman and 1 2 Switch.

From family got some driving lessons. I bought my first car about a month ago so ties in well with that. I guess now that I'm on the 30 side of my 20s I should put on my grown up pants and get my license. :b

My bro also got me one of those Snorlax bean bag chairs on pre-order. Hopefully I'll have it in time for when I move out.

Boyfriend got me a 128gb SD card for Switch and bought me lots of food and drinks when we went out :b One friend got me a $150 gift card to EB Games which blew my mind and another got me Superfight so yay I don't need to keep borrowing it from people now

Despite all that I haven't had any birthday cake. Supposed to go out for dinner with family some time this week, just need to organise it

So yeah essay-length birthday deets
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